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£100,651.07 Total Raised For Charity!

Something i'm very proud of with my streaming is how much money we have raised for amazing Charities.

Since May 2017 i made the decision to give all my donations via TwitchAlerts/Streamlabs to Charity, and also give large sums of money myself in a “joint” donation.

Now a couple of sick individuals claim that i steal donations from my viewers and that none of the money raised ends up going to the Charity, this is ofcourse complete nonsense.

First of all i show all donations live on stream which includes the Website, Payment ID and Thank you page.

I also show the thank you letters i receive in the post from said Charity on social media, but this still isn't enough for some peeople.

So this post is to list all the Charities we've raised money for with proof of payment etc

List of Charities and Donations

Here is the full list of Charities we have raised money for with proof of the donations.

British Heart Foundation

£1148.72 raised for The British Heart Foundation in May 2017.

YouTube won't let me go back this far to embed the video so i have attached a screenshot of the Thank You email confirmation.

British Heart Foundation Donation

Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

£1786.18 raised for this amazing Children's Charity in June 2017.

Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

£1500 raised for Yorkshire Air Ambulance in July 2017.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

MIND Mental Health Charity

£2065.74 raised for MIND Mental Health Charity in August 2017.

MIND Mental Health Charity


£2875.79 raised for GamCare in September 2017.

I didn't receive a confirmation email from GamCare for the donation which i thought was weird, so i attached the following bank statement which shows the money coming out.

GamCare Donation

Help for Heroes

£1171.47 raised for Help for Heroes in October 2017

Help for Heroes

Cash for Kids Christmas Appeal

£4276.73 raised for Cash for Kids in November + December 2017

Cash for Kid Email Confirmation

MIND Mental Health Charity

£4522.29 for MIND in January 2018

MIND: Mental Health Charity Donation

Donna's Dream House

£2752.29 for Donna's Dream House in February + March 2018

Donna's Dream House Charity

Scotty's Little Soldiers

£4000 for Scotty's Little Soliders in April 2018

Scotty's Little Soliders Donation

RNLI – Royal National Lifeboat Institution

£936.21 for RNLI in May 2018

RNLI Donation


£1643 for Samaritans and their NSPA campaign in June 2018

Samaritans: NSPA

Guide Dogs for the Blind

£1072.65 for Guide Dogs for the Blind in July 2018

Guide Dogs for the Blind Donation

MIND Mental Health Charity – Christmas Goal

£10,000 for MIND in November + December 2018

MIND Charity Donation: £10,000

Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice

£1500 raised in January 2019

Chestnut Treehouse Donation

The Trussel Trust

£2500 raised in February 2019.

Trussel Trust Donation

This Charity supports a nationwide network of food banks and provides emergency food and support to people locked in poverty.

Anthony Nolan Trust

£1750 raised in March 2019.

Anthony Nolan Trust Donation

Raising Money for a Twitch Viewer + UK Stroke Association

One of my long term Twitch viewers Badazzbear1 unfortunately suffered his second stroke recently. I will be giving all my donations to him in April 2019 to help with his recovery.

We raised £750 for the cause.

Get well soon mate!

UK Stroke Association

SANDS Charity

£3000 raised in May + June 2019.

Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. We operate throughout the UK, supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby, working to improve the care bereaved parents receive, and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.

SANDS Charity Donation

Sporting Memories Foundation

£1000 raised in July 2019.

Sporting Memories Foundation

Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

£2500 raised in August 2019.

Sir Bobby Robson Foundation - Donation

Alzheimers Society

£4000 raised in September 2019.

Alzheimers Society Charity Donation

Crohn's and Colitis UK Charity

£1000 raised in October 2019.

Crohns and Colitis UK Charity Donation

Action for Kids: Secret Santa

We raised £10,000 for Action for Kids: Secret Santa in November 2019 and December 2019!!!!

Action for Children Donation

Australia's Rural Fire Service & Brigades

We raised £1400 for Australia's Rural Fire Service & Brigades in January 2020.

MIND Mental Health Charity for February/March 2020

We raised £7,500 for MIND Mental Healrth Charity in February and March 2020!

MIND Charity Donation

Clap for our Carers – NHS Charities

We rasied £5,000 for Clap for our Carers in April 2020.

Clap for our Carers - NHS Charity – May 2020

We raised £3500 for in May 2020, which helps support victims of domestic violence.

Refuge Charity Donation

Chester Zoo – June 2020

We raised £4000 for Chester Zoo in June 2020.

Cyber Bullying Support Charity – July 2020

We raied £4000 for Cyber Bullying Support Charity in July 2020.

Cyber Bullying Support Charity

PTSD Support Charity – August 2020

We raised £2000 for PTSD Support Charity in August 2020.

PTSD Support Charity

National Deaf Children's Society – September & October 2020

We raised £2500 for the National Deaf Children's Society in September and October 2020.


FareShare – November & December 2020

Wen raised £3000 for FareShare in November and December 2020 which is the campaign Marcus Rashford has been helping with to help support children with free meals outside of school during these difficult times.

£3000 Raised for FareShare

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone viewer who decided to donate to the above Charities, you guys are amazing, and i love you all very much.

* UPDATE – 18/12/20 * – We just hit the £100,000 mark in raised money for Charities!!

Thanks for reading.


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