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I’m A Casino Affiliate

Yes, i'm a Casino affiliate, but what does that actually mean?

Being an affiliate means you can generate money by sending customers to a business who make a purchase, and Casino affiliation is no different.

For example, if Casino A offers £50 CPA with £20 minimum requirement (Cost Per Acquisition) and 50% Revshare (50% of losses minus admin fees) which is considered a Hybrid deal, then the following scenarios will happen…

Casino Affiliation: Player Scenarios

Player A joins a Casino through your link at Casino A and deposits £50, he/she wins £500.

In this case as an affiliate you would earn £50 from the CPA trigger but the Net Revenue for Customer A would be -£250.

With CPA you always earn a set amount, and with Revshare you only earn if that player loses at the Casino. The -£250 revshare would remain on your account and if you remain in negative you will earn nothing for the month excluding CPA. When each new month starts it resets unless the Casino has negative carryover.

Player B joins a Casino through your link at Casino A and deposits £10, he/she loses £10.

As an affiliate you would earn £0 from the CPA and roughly £3 from the Net Revenue (after Casino admin fees ie procesing, licenses).

In this case the deposit wasn't high enough to trigger CPA (£20 minimum) but the player lost £10 which means you earn 50% revshare minus the Casinos administration fees.

Player C joins a Casino through your link at Casino A and deposits £100, he/she loses £100.

From this scenario you trigger both CPA and Revshare which means you would earn £50 from the CPA and roughly £50 from the Revshare.

CPA and Revshare is always payed separately and if the Casino has no negative carryover the Revshare resets at the start of every month.

It's a common misconception that you will instantly earn money being a Casino affiliate, but that's to assume that every player you refer loses at the Casino, and that genuinely doesn't happen.

If a particular referral has a very big win then this offsets against the Revshare on the entire affiliate account, and if you finish the month in minus then you earn £0, but a hybrid deal means you at least earn something which is separate to player activity.

Casino Affiliation: Streaming Shows Genuine Casino Action

There are many websites on the internet that review Casinos and they have NEVER even played on that Casino, this is purely to generate revenue from you as an individual and in most cases you will be sent to a shady gambling website that will screw you over.

When you watch a Casino Streamer such as myself, you are seeing the Casino being played in real-time with real cash deposits, this gives you a far more honest outlook on what you can expect if you were to sign up.

There are important benefits from using a Streamers affiliate link as opposed to a generic review site and they are as follows…

* A point of contact at the Casino
If you run in any problems all you have to do is notify the streamer who sent you to the Casino and if they're legitimate they will help you get your issue sorted within 24-48 hours. This is far quicker than customer support via email and telephone etc

* A better deal at the Casino with regards rewards and other promotions
In most cases you can expect additional rewards for using a streamers affiliate link which may include additional spins, deposit bonuses and other promotions.

Streaming & Casino Affiliation

All dedicated streamers on Twitch and YouTube have a revenue stream being generated through their activity. In some cases this is purely donations from viewers, but in most cases it will involve affiliation selling computer hardware and/or software.

This revenue stream allows a streamer to dedicate more time to do what they love, streaming.

If you're good at something, never do it for free ~ Joker (kappa)

With Casino affiliation you can generate revenue which will help fund the streams as gambling for hours at a time can be costly. But at no time is anyone ever forced to use a streamers affiliate link.

And this is what it comes down to, a conscious choice by the viewer, do i want to use this link?

This is your choice, but remember you get no additional fees on your activity gambling and the benefits you get from using a streamers link will ensure confidence whilst using a Casino.

With regards my streams, i always display the Casino name in full so you can signup directly or use my link.

But, if you like a streamer and casino streaming in general then please use their links as you're supporting them with the streams.

Casino Affiliation is Morally Wrong

This is another point that gets raised in streams, comments and forums.

I can understand why people see that earning money through a players losses is wrong, but is this any different from you using a review website link to buy a new TV and they earn a large cut of what that TV cost from your purchase?

The TV had a special discount on the review website so i wanted to use it.

Well, in most cases when you use a streamers affiliate link you get additional extras from the start and always that added extra of support. With, may i add, no additional fees on your gambling activity.

And just remember, it works both ways. If you win the affiliate takes the hit.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, if you don't like affiliate links but you like to gamble then please don't use our links.

Good luck at the Casinos!

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